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Bruce Chen International is an international foreign freight forwarder licensed and governed by the Federal Maritime Commission, FMC LICENSE # 3173.

Your Ocean, Air and Inland transport needs are handled by our experienced traffic coordinators from all U.S. points of origin to the final destination overseas. Shipments are routed as efficiently as possible by the most reliable and economical carriers.

Our services include:

A. Quotations and Freight tariff negotiations.
B. Packing, loading, booking, inland movement and pier delivery.
C. Customs formalities, shipping documents and consular requirements.
D. Insurance/ banking documentation including Letters of Credit and Sight/Time drafts.
E. Notification to our overseas agents of arriving shipments for coordination with consignees.

Preparation of Bill of Lading, export declarations (A.E.S.), commercial invoices,letter of Credit, consular invoices, packing lists. We also will assist exporters in applying for Export Licenses. All shipments are handled in accordance with Foreign and U.S. regulations including transportation and banking requirements.

We provide complete insurance coverage for all ocean and air shipments, and will assist in filling any claims with overseas adjusters.

Full banking services include assistance in opening, negotiating and completion of Letters of Credit, preparation of Bank drafts, and full distribution to both overseas and domestic banks.

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