Traffic Management 


Bruce Chen International,LLC offers comprehensive and expert service for all of our import clients' needs through our licensed broker agents nationwide and complemented by fully trained support staff.

We carefully arrange the handling and transportation of each shipment from the point of manufacture to its final destination in the U.S.A.

Our experienced traffic department evaluates all modes of transport available to ensure the best level of service at the best value. Our traffic management services include the following:

Customs Brokerage Agents

Every shipment is analyzed, applying the latest customs regulations (provided by our brokers) to ensure each shipment is processed in the most economical and expedient manner. Our "total" computerized system allows us to expedite and monitor the progress of each shipment.

A.  Coordination of freight movement from overseas suppliers' premises to foreign Port of Export.

B.  Advice on optimal method of shipment to the U.S.A (Steamship/Airline and Port of Entry).

C.  Arrange Customs Clearance and Duty Assessment with our brokers, coordinate clearance and delivery to final destination.

D.  Constant communication and consultation to importers and arrange broker representation with customs on behalf of our clients.

Documents Needed

Documents List


Commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading, certifications (if needed), etc.

Effective Jan, 26, 2010: All shipments into the US are required to submit an Importer Security Filing (ISF or 10+2) with U.S. Customs bond (with exception of air shipments). Penalty up to $5,000 will be assessed per violation. All documents need to be ready 3-7 days prior to cargo departure at the port of origin. Please click here to download ISF data sheet


The way to prepare documents depends on commodities ... always verify before import.

New customers NEED:
1) Power of Attorney Form (Download Here)
2) CBP Form 5106 - Importer ID Input Record (Download Here)

Optional (CBP Auto payment) ACH application form: Download Here

For Personal Effects / Household Goods:

3299: Download Here

Supplementary: Download Here

Other Government Release


Must get all relevant permits:

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